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Custom  Machine, Inc. (CMI) was founded by Mr. Cosmo Pasciuto in 1969 as a  small machine shop providing general contract machining services.  From the company’s original 5,000 square foot facility on Jefferson  Ave in Woburn, Ma they manufactured components for a broad range of  local customers. Over the next ten years business continued to grow  as well as demands for complex machining. To respond to the business  and machining demands the company moved to a new 12,000 square foot  facility on Fowle Street in Woburn, Ma in 1978. During the 1980’s  the emergence of the semi-conductor industry enabled Custom Machine  Inc to grow their business, with the growth came more stringent  demands and tighter tolerances. Once again Custom Machine responded  to the needs of their customers by moving to a new 25,000 square foot  facility on Nashua Street in Woburn, Ma in 1986. The new facility  housed state of the art machines which enabled the company to provide  high quality machined components to their customers. In 1994 Custom  Machine Inc was reorganized to compete in a world class environment  and became one of the few shops in New England to be ISO-9000 and  AS9100 certified. This milestone along with a new second generation  management team opened new doors to the future. With the new  corporate structure and pedigrees, Custom Machine started serving the  Aerospace and Medical components and assemblies markets.  This helped  to diversify the company and shift it from a shop in which the  Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment market represented more than 90%  of the business to a flexible, diversified facility more protected  from the volatility of one market. While it continues to provide  contract machining services to a broad range of customers, CMI has  developed an expertise and outstanding reputation in serving the very  demanding requirements of the Aerospace industry.

In  2004 Custom Machine Inc founded the Paul J. Pasciuto Memorial  Foundation to honor the life of Paul who for many years was a driving  force at Custom Machine. In the fifth year of the foundations  existence it has awarded three scholarships for students attending  Boston University and automatic  external defibrillators have been donated to four Lynnfield schools;  the Lynnfield Town Hall, library and Public Works Department  building; the Winchester Public Library and Winchester Sachem Youth  Football and cheerleading program; and the Woburn High School  athletic department.

Custom  Machine Inc recently identified a new business opportunity resulting  from the growing shortage of skilled, well trained machinists both in  New England and nationwide.  This new business opportunity involves  the education, training and placement of new machinists utilizing  both online, computer-based techniques and actual work experience on  appropriate metalworking machinery.  To address this opportunity,  Custom Machine, Inc. established The Center for Manufacturing  Technology (CMT) in 2008, to provide manufacturing technology  training in New England.

In  January 2009 Custom Machine Inc announced plans to diversify in order  to meet the demands of an ever changing global market place. Custom  Machine Inc has now become Custom Group Inc with three member  companies.

Custom Machine (CM) to address  such as Aerospace, Medical Devices, Semiconductor fab equipment, Military, and Alternative Energy.


The Center for Manufacturing  Technology (CMT) to focus on educating and training new machinists.

Custom Group